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Defeat 5 culprits of dryness to make skin light and hydrated

Introduction: There are many reasons for dry skin. Today we will list the top 5 culprits that will cause our skin to be thirsty in our daily lives. We will “make a move” to defeat them in order to truly achieve effective moisturization.

  Everyone knows that dry skin can make the skin rough and even peel off makeup.

This is because when the skin is too thirsty and dehydrated, the edges of the cells hidden under the skin will become wrinkled due to lack of water, so at this time the skin will become very rough, dull or have large pores.

Some of our daily mistakes in skin care and living environment will cause the skin’s thirst.

  First, shower gel, cleansing milk to take away the skin’s moisture Skin bathing bath soup shower gel to take away the skin The skin that has just taken a bath or a hot spring makes you feel very hydrated and tender, but the water on the skin surface during the bath does not penetrate into the skinFill it with water for you.

On the contrary, shower gel and water will absorb the oil on the surface of your skin. When the surface moisture is slowly drying, if you do not immediately add moisturizing cream to the skin, it will make your skin more dry and thirsty.

It is important to note that continuous bathing will cause your skin to have no time to produce natural oils. Do n’t mention the “oil” discoloration. The skin ‘s own oil content is very important and it can protect the skin’s moisture.

  Foaming facial cleanser removes people with dry skin, it is best not to use foaming facial cleanser, because people with dry skin, the skin itself is more or less deficient in oil and water. If you use some kind of facial cleanser, it will washRemove extra oil from the skin.

Therefore, people with skin types, it is best to use amino acid facial cleanser.

The foam should not be too rich, just wash it.

  Second, the more you use the wrong skin care products, the more skin care the more dry the dry skin. When choosing the right moisturizer, be careful of the skin dryness.

These and alcohols are most commonly found in nail polish.

So after you clean your nail polish with nail polish remover, will you notice that your fingertips and the sides of your nails will become more dry, so be sure to use hand and nail creams to protect the skin on your hands.

Alcohol is common in many products, especially some lotions and perfumes.

The perfume itself precipitates a variety of perfumes, and it can also exacerbate the dryness of the skin after being incorporated and sprayed on the wrist.

  Third, the air-conditioned house makes the skin more and more dehydrated. OL who has been working in the office for a long time, the most worrying is that the air-conditioning is increasingly hurting the skin.

Although a decrease in temperature will reduce the rate of oil production on the skin, each time the temperature in the air-conditioned room is reduced by 5 degrees, the humidity in the air will be reduced by 20%, so the skin will become increasingly dehydrated.

Therefore, it is very important to replenish water at any time. Once you can prepare a bottle of moisturizing spray, it contains green tea essence and seaweed essence are good choices. Besides moisturizing, it can also resist oxidation.

Note that after using the spray, gently press the face with clean hands or paper towels to make the skin better absorbed.

  Fourth, the cabin is drier than the Sahara Desert When the aircraft is flying at high altitude, the cabin humidity can only be maintained below 10, which is even drier than the desert (the humidity in the Sahara desert is 20), so it often causes dry mouth and easier skin.dry.

Therefore, you must drink plenty of water when flying, it is recommended to bring some trial packs of moisturizing cream and moisturizer with you, the brakes can be absorbed at any time to maintain skin moisture.

  Fifth, aging will also take away water. The first symptoms of skin aging are dryness and loss of elasticity. As the age increases, the content of natural moisturizing factors in the cuticle of the skin decreases, resulting in a decrease in the hydration ability of the skin.%, So this will increase the degree of skin dryness.

Therefore, in daily care, we must always choose antioxidant products such as Q10 coenzyme, and also choose something like L-VC that can promote collagen proliferation and restore skin elasticity.

Facial aging is a natural phenomenon that cannot be avoided, but through proper maintenance and care, it can effectively reduce the degree of skin aging.

  In addition, in addition to daily skin care tasks that are not edible, you must also eat the right foods and choose the right nutrients.

For example, increase the intake of collagen and elastin foods, eat more soybeans to supplement phytoestrogens, and delay aging.

The most important thing is to drink plenty of water to ensure that the human body has excess water.

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