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Prepare a “pyjama” for eye skin

Beauty experts have been emphasizing the need for time-sharing maintenance. The methods and emphasis of day and night maintenance are different.
The same is true for fragile eye skin, and day and night eye care is very different.
If you still only prepare a bottle of eye cream to “bring up” your bright eyes, then you are out of your mind ~ For women, daily maintenance procedures have become a “ritual” of daily life.
However, it is strange that today, face care has become common sense, and many women take it for granted that there will always be only one bottle of eye cream on the makeup table.
  In fact, if you look at the trend of new eye products in recent years, you can see that the concept of “time-sharing maintenance” has quietly extended from the face to the eye maintenance: daily eye cream with SPF value is not uncommon, the eyeSpecial sunscreens are also on the rise.
  The claim that eye creams and essences designed specifically for night-time eye repairs has continued to contribute to the trend of “day and night hours” maintenance of the eyes, and announced the “day and night hours” maintenance of the eyes in the most convincing way.With the advent of the times, let your eyes start to have “pyjamas” too!
  Eye skin is only 0.
35 mm thick, without fat cells, and withstands tens of thousands of daily blinks. The eyes are also the most delicate and fragile skin on the face.
  The environment they face during the day and night is different, and their physiological conditions are different. Of course, the maintenance required should also be different.
Just like the face, the mission of daytime eye care is “defense”, so sun protection, moisturizing and anti-oxidation have also become important goals of daytime eye care products.
  The night is the prime time for the skin to absorb nutrients, so adding more nourishing ingredients to the tired eye skin for a day to get soothing care becomes the highlight of night eye care products.
  However, do n’t get me wrong, entering the age of “night and day” maintenance of the eye does not mean that extra and stronger nutrients are needed for the eyes. In fact, for thin skin, the pursuit of simplicityEffective maintenance can avoid more burden.
  The “Day and Night Time” maintenance may make your makeup table more crowded, but it will make your eyes receive proper care no matter during the day or at night.
  ”1 + 1″ day and night combination eye care products can be regarded as the most loyal followers of the eye “day and night time” maintenance concept.
According to the different demands of the eyes during the day and night, the combination forms are diversified.
  Compared to single eye cream maintenance, this combination type of care products is more targeted.
Especially for people who are not sure about their own matching, this kind of ready-made “day and night time and hour” combination products are even more worry-free choice.
  Don’t get tangled with questions like “Does your eye need sun protection?”
If you have n’t extended your sunscreen to your eyes, it only means that your “day care” of your eyes has lost most of your “position”.
  You have to know that in order to defend the delicate eye skin during the day, the focus is on “defending” external aggression, and because the eye skin is very sensitive to ultraviolet rays, sun protection has become the first necessity for daytime eye protection.
  At the same time, for easy-to-dry eye skin, moisturizing is also the focus of day care.
The refreshing oil-free eye gel products have high water content, without any burden to use, and are very suitable for primer before makeup.
In addition, eye products with brightening effects can make your eyes shine all day long.
  As night falls, the tired eyes also yearn for the most comfortable relaxation and care.
At night, the eye skin enters deep repair from the protective state during the day, and the horny layer will lose a lot of water. Therefore, the night maintenance should focus on soothing and calming, stimulating collagen regeneration and moisturizing.
  Gentle and thorough cleansing is the basis of night eye maintenance; and eye cream with rich texture and high oil content is more suitable for night use. Don’t worry about the production of fat particles. The key is the amount and method.
  Cover your eyes with a hot, wet towel before going to bed, and then apply eye care products to help blood circulation in the eyes.
Applying eye cream daily with eye massage is the best way to soothe the eyes.
  Estee Lauder Platinum Essence Pet Eye Contour Combination (Day 15ML + Night 4ML) Counter Price: 3200 yuan
Eye Gel Cream is perfectly matched with exotic essential oils. It works 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day to defend and defend the delicate skin of the eyes.
  唯(Vie) 24小时全方位眼部护理凝胶 (日7ML+夜7ML)   VIE旗舰店价格:185元   由瑞士顶级医学美容实验室研制,以细胞活化能力为基础,注重眼周肌肤的保湿、滋润, Activation, whitening, anti-aging, wrinkle removal, effectively eliminate the trouble of dark circles, bags under the eyes, 24 hours a full range of care for delicate skin around the eye cells.
Is the best partner to prevent the first wrinkles on the eyes!
  (Vie) 24-hour comprehensive eye care gel, dual day and night eye care design, very convenient!
In the morning, use the “full sober eye gel” rich in plant extracts to effectively reduce dark circles and quickly reduce swelling. At night, use the “beautiful sleep eye cream” with pure natural moisturizing ingredients to smoothen the skin and reduce fine lines.Eye skin.
  纪梵希(GIVENCHY) 完美活肤全效眼霜(日10ml+夜10ml)   专柜价格:1080元   白金级青春驻颜日夜眼部护理组”这款功效完备的日夜分工型眼部保养品,从效能到质地,All take into account the absorption of skin cells around the eyes at different times!
  During the day, the fresh gel essence can quickly tighten the bags under the eyes, making the dim eye circles glow at night; at night, the softening repair lotion immediately soothes and repairs the skin, leaving the eye muscles dry and sensitive, and the texture relaxation alarm is quickly removed.
  Beautiful bright eyes “eat” different nourishment during the day and night, of course, can meet the most immediate physiological needs of the skin, accurately eliminate all imperfections, and achieve impeccable all-round eye care goals.
  倩碧 (CLINIQUE) 超凡嫩白晶莹亮采双重护理眼霜 (日15ML+夜7ML)   专柜价格:380   两步骤眼部护理产品,独特双瓶一体的设计,针对不同时段,有效保护并提亮娇嫩眼部肌肤.   Extraordinary whitening and brightening eye nourishing cream 15ml, effectively diminishes dark circles, calms and soothes the skin, repairs natural moisturizing protective film and enhances skin immunity, lastingly brightens skin around the eyes; suitable for all skin types

  Extraordinary whitening and brightening eye cream SPF15 / PA ++ 7ml, it can resist the sun and environmental damage during the day, and it can effectively protect the skin and restore the dull complexion. It is suitable for all skin types.

  Every morning, use Ultra Whitening Brightening Eye Moisturizing Cream, and then use Ultra Whitening Brightening Eye Moisturizing Cream.

In the evening, use the super tender and bright white nourishing eye cream.

  LANEIGE Snow Concentrate Double Repair Eye Cream (15ML Day + Night 15ML) Special counter price: 565 Double care for eye skin with early and early symptoms for the first time, creating a luminous, smooth skin eye anti-aging repair cream.

  Phytosphingosine, an enzyme ingredient, protects the eye skin during external stimuli, promotes skin circulation, fights back dullness, and brightens the eye skin.

  Xue Ning Newborn Dual Repair Eye Cream SPF25 / PA ++ (Daily): Isolates UV rays and prevents photo-aging of the eye skin.

The dextran ingredient helps soothe tiredness and tension in the eyes and gives elasticity and vitality to the eye skin.

  Xue Ning Double Eye Treatment (Night Use): Concentrated with Nourishing Ingredients

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