False sympathy bias

False sympathy bias

We usually believe that our hobbies are the same as most people.

If you like to play computer games, you may overestimate the number of people who like computer games.

You also usually overestimate the number of people who vote for your favorite classmates, overestimate your prestige and leadership in the crowd, and so on.

The seriousness of your high estimate of the number of people with the same characteristics as your behavior and attitude is called “false sympathy bias.”

  Some factors can affect the strength of your virtual false sympathy bias: (1) when external attribution is stronger than internal attribution; (2) current behavior or event is very important to someone; (3) when youWhen your own opinion is very firm or convinced; (4) When your direction or normal life and learning are threatened; (5) When it comes to a certain positive quality or personality; (6) When you put othersSeen as similar to yourself.

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