Long-term low back pain should pay attention to the following points

Long-term low back pain should pay attention to the following points

Do you keep the same posture continuously and often feel sore waist?

Does the waist start to hurt again when shopping alone for too many things?

Although sometimes the pain in the waist disappears after a day, the problem of back pain can not be underestimated.

There are some points of waist protection in life to avoid long-term excessive injuries to the waist.

  Low back pain is a symptom, not an independent disease. The causes of low back pain are more complicated, so if you have persistent and unexplained low back pain, don’t take it lightly.

According to the survey, the overall probability of men and women suffering from back pain is roughly similar, but more than half of men have hypertension and low back pain, the probability is much greater than that of women.

Especially for operators who have been engaged in surgical operations for a long time, due to the continuous shortening, the lumbar tendons and ligaments have weakened penetrability, and excessive lactic acid can accumulate locally, which inhibits the normal metabolism of lumbar muscles, and may also cause lumbar pain caused by lumbar muscle strain.

Often carry a heavy load, overload the waist, prone to scoliosis, cause lumbar muscle strain and low back pain.

So, in order to protect our waist health, we should pay attention to the following points.

  In daily life, pay attention to protect your waist from a good sitting, sleeping or standing posture, plus regular exercise, so that the ground can be reset to relieve the pain.

It should be noted that regular exercise is good for the body, but the key is not to strain the hip muscles.

In addition, to ensure the safety of your own home and work environment, to avoid waist injuries.

When participating in activities that are easy to trip and slip, they should be repositioned to reduce the risk of injury to the lumbar spine.

If you have chronic low back pain, you can still play sports in this case, but consult your doctor or physical therapist first.

They will provide corresponding guidance treatment according to your actual situation to meet your exercise needs.

  Usually pay attention to training muscle strength and flexibility. Your abdominal muscles and back muscles work together to provide support and strength for the human spine.

The strength and flexibility of the top and thighs help keep the pelvis aligned.

In addition, sports like swimming, walking and cycling make your muscles work better.

It should be noted that if you are concerned that the new type of exercise is not suitable for you, please consult your doctor first.

  Keep yourself in the correct position while in motion and at rest to avoid repeating or bending over as much as possible.

For a long time, Li Li had broken his bones.

Because the bone is stressed at the tip, but the blood circulation is doped, and the bone cannot be adequately fed.

When you go to work, you should seize the opportunity to walk around a bit, and it is best to sit around.

The chair needs to have a good back design when sitting, and a chair of an appropriate height should be used.

Keep your back muscles taut when you sit in or leave the chair.

This is to prevent waist discomfort and injury if you easily twist your spine fracture into strange shapes.

Of course, it is best to buy an ergonomic chair with a table.

In addition, the mattress is very important, it can provide a person with enough back support while sleeping.

Replace a soft mattress with a medium-soft mattress and use a pillow to support it, but don’t place your head at an odd angle.

  Pay attention to protecting the waist when carrying heavy objects. Lifting machines and handling activities are the most common tasks that cause waist injuries and pain.

Never put too much load on your waist.

Due to the nature of work, the workplace is legally obliged to provide the appropriate equipment to carry out work safely.

If you feel dangerous, you should take appropriate measures to avoid it.

When you move, make sure your back end is straight and aligned to reduce the pressure of gravity.

If you feel there is a problem during handling, ask for assistance and don’t risk your back injury.

  Weight control and smoking are good for waist protection. If you are overweight, this will put huge pressure on your hip muscles, and weight loss will cause significant changes in pain and discomfort in your back.

You may be full of healthy weight.

In addition, smoking causes a decrease in the level of oxygen in the spinal cord tissue.If you have a spinal cord injury, a reduced level of oxygen can prevent the rate of healing of a lumbar fracture.

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