Delicious medicated diet easily removes spots without leaving marks

Delicious medicated diet easily removes spots without leaving marks

One of the actions to eliminate “spots”-Babao Sweet Porridge Ingredients: 200g of fragrant rice, 10 jujubes, 20g of red beans, 20g of lotus seeds, 30g of raw yam, 15g of white lentils, 10g of barley10gram.

  Method: Take a clean casserole, remove the previous rice for temporary use, pour the remaining ingredients into eight, add water to 2/3 of the casserole, cook on low heat and cook for 45 minutes, add the previous rice and cook until the porridge is cooked, Put the right amount of rock sugar according to personal taste, serve.

  Description: Babao porridge supplements qi, strengthens the spleen and dehumidifies, remember to take one bowl each morning and evening, and take it for a long time.

  The second action to eliminate the “spot”-milk walnut paste ingredients: amber walnut kernel 300 g, milk 200 g, soy milk 200 g, black sesame 200 go Method: Pour walnut kernel and black sesame into a food mixer and grind, then mix the milk withSlowly pour the soymilk into the blender, pour it while grinding, pour the thick walnut paste into the pot and boil it, add white sugar, if you want to enrich the taste, you can add raw eggs while boiling, stir and cook into egg milk walnutpaste.

  Description: Walnut paste nourishes and whitens, nourishes yin and moisturizes, and consumes twice daily, morning and evening.

  Action three to eliminate “spots”-stewed turtle with astragalus ingredients: 500 grams of fresh live turtle, 50 grams of astragalus, and 30 grams of Ningxia wolfberry.

  Method: First slice the astragalus, wrap it with clean gauze, wash the wolfberry, cut off the internal organs of the turtle, cut into pieces, add the casserole, add water until completely immersed, and simmer the ingredients over heat.

After stewing, skim off the astragalus medicinal residue, season with onion, ginger, refined salt, MSG, and serve.

  Description: nourishing yin and clearing fire, nourishing blood and nourishing kidney, improving body immunity, and serving as food.

  The fourth action to eliminate “spots”-Rehmannia crispy duck ingredients: a light duck of about 600 g, raw yam 200 g, raw rehmannia glutinosa 100 g, Ningxia wolfberry 40 g, another appropriate amount of shallot, ginger, salt, monosodium glutamate, rice wine,White pepper, soup stock and so on.

  Method: After removing the internal organs of the light duck, remove the bones from the whole body, and use salt, pepper, and rice wine to wipe the inside and outside of the duck repeatedly.

Add onions and marinate ginger for an hour.

Take a large sea bowl, wrap the raw rehmannia slices with gauze on the bottom of the bowl, peel the yam and slice the wolfberry on the top of the gauze, cut the marinated duck into small pieces, add the broth and steam over 2For hours, the meat crisp soup is fragrant.

  Note: Duck meat is high in protein, rich in unsaturated molecular weight and rich in trace elements. It not only nourishes yin and beauty, but also fills in essence. The most important thing is that you can eat more and not get fat!

  The fifth action to eliminate “spots”-Yulu beauty skin drink ingredients: 200 grams of fresh Sydney, 300 grams of grapes, 250 grams of sugar cane, 100 grams of natural honey.

  Method: Wash the pears, grapes and sugarcane together and put them into a juicer to squeeze out the juice, remove the dregs, add honey and mix into a clean container.

  Description: Sydney clears the lungs and intestines, grapes promote blood circulation and strengthen the spleen, honey detoxifies and detoxifies once a day, morning and evening.

Saturated with warm boiling water, over time, the face is bright and clean.

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