Vegetarian definition

Vegetarian definition

Is the egg vegetarian?

  A: Generally speaking, all eggs are not vegetarian, because eggs still have the opportunity to give birth to life.

This is why we protect our eggs while protecting wild birds.

  Is milk a vegetarian diet?

  A: Milk is vegetarian because its production process does not harm cattle.

Traditional natural pasture stocking does not harm cows and calves.

However, there are many industrial milk production processes that have abusive damage to cattle, such as forced separation of cows and calves, excessive milking, and even slaughter of calves.

Therefore, many vegetarians also quit eating dairy products.

  Since milk is a substitute for breast milk, it is still necessary for those who cannot breastfeed or have insufficient breast milk, so milk production is still needed, but a civilized and ethical production method is advocated.

  It should be noted that according to scientists, about 70% of the world’s adults have low lactose tolerance, that is, lactose indigestion can cause diarrhea.

It is even rarer for Asians to be lactose resistant.

At first, adult lactose resistance was an anomaly. It was the result of human genetic mutations about 10,000 years ago, when the human dairy industry was just beginning to develop.

This illustrates from one side that dairy products are not essential for adults.

  Is butter and oil the same thing?

  A: The word Chinese butter is unambiguous. Its English is butter, which is a trace of milk extracted from milk.

However, the concept of Chinese butter is more confusing. It was considered to be crushed at first. Now it is considered to be the aunt of cattle. Its English is beef fat or tallow, which is the aunt extracted from the fat of cattle. It belongs to meat products.
  Is honey vegetarian?

  A: Honey is a vegetarian because its natural production process does not harm bees, but there are exceptions in large-scale production, especially in the case of artificial reproduction.

In addition, some bee products other than honey may harm bees.

So some vegetarians do not eat honey.

  What is whey protein?

  A: Whey protein is extracted from milk.

  What is white oil?

  A: White oil is an alias for lard and is often used in certain foods and foods.

Such as bean bag and black sesame stuffed soup yuan and so on.

Sometimes used to make detergents such as soaps and soaps.

  Are mushrooms and fungi vegetarian?

  A: Mushrooms and fungi are fungi, they are lower than plants, so they are vegetarian.

  Is yeast and lactic acid bacteria vegetarian?

  A: Both yeast and lactic acid bacteria are microorganisms that are lower than plants, so they are vegetarian.

Bacteria and streptococci, which are similar to those used for fermentation, are microorganisms.

  Are sea bream and sea cucumbers vegetarian?

  A: Sea otters are mollusks, and sea cucumbers are echinoderms, all of which belong to animals.

  Are there many Chinese medicines that are progressive animals?

  A: There are many Chinese herbal medicines implanted in animals, such as: Cordyceps sinensis, tiger bone, bear gall, chicken inner gold, bezoar, musk, antler and so on.

Vegetarians need to carefully identify or ask a doctor if they want to use Chinese medicine.

  Is Cordyceps sinensis vegetarian?

  A: Cordyceps is a Chinese herbal medicine, also known as Cordyceps or Cordyceps.The so-called “grass” is actually an ascomycete that is parasitic on the head of the bat moth larvae.

Generally, insects and grasses are used as medicine.

  Strictly speaking, Cordyceps is not a vegetarian because it is actually the kind of decomposition that kills the larvae for us.

In particular, the artificially cultivated Cordyceps sinensis is the result of human purposeful use of smashing and killing larvae.

If collecting natural Cordyceps does not mean that more larvae die, then artificial cultivation is different.

There is no doubt that the more you buy, the more people will “cultivate” more.

Therefore, for Cordyceps sinensis, artificial cultivation is more life-threatening than natural.

  Is artificial bezoar a vegetarian?

  A: Natural bezoar is a gallstone of cattle, and artificial bezoar is still suffering from animals. It is mainly a bile extract of cattle, sheep and pigs.

In addition, there are also bezoars and artificially cultivated bezoars that also suffer from animals.

  This problem has certain expectations. Due to the lack of natural resources, many animal medicinal materials are replaced by artificial resources. The name of the drug is also marked by the word “artificial”. Some people mistakenly believe that it is prime, but it is not.

A similar situation is the “artificial tiger bone”, which is made from a variety of animal bone extracts.

  Is bird’s nest a vegetarian?

  A: Bird’s nest is a nest made by adult swallows with saliva for young children.

The female swallows the bird’s nest before laying the eggs, and it is quickly taken away. The female swallows again, then is taken, and then spit and then harvested. Until the end, the female swallow is exhausted, and the bird’s nest has bloodshot, which is considered to be bird’s nest.The top grade.

  Generally speaking, collecting bird’s nest does not seem to hurt the life of the swallow (the collector sometimes accidentally hurts the milk swallow), but in fact there is still serious damage to the swallow. The bird’s nest has only sputum or milk for the female swallow.The life of the Swallow is safe, the bird’s nest is taken three times, and the female swallows the bird’s nest three times. The blood of the bird is the proof of the hardship of the mother to raise the children with the heart. The mother always tries her best to sacrifice herself and hollow out herself.Therefore, if someone with a heart knows the hardships of motherhood, don’t eat bird’s nest.

  Is lecithin a vegetarian?

  A: Lecithin was originally extracted from eggs, but many lecithins are now extracted from soy, so if the soy lecithin labeled in the food label should be vegetarian.

  Are antlers similar to nails?

  A: The antlers are different from the human nails. There are blood vessels in the antlers. Some people may kill the deer in order to obtain the antler (the younger horn of the buck).

  Is an animal product often used in cosmetics?

  A: Animals are often used to make cosmetics. For example, leeches are often used as nutritional cosmetics and dermatological preparations such as nutrient creams, lotions, lipsticks and hair oils; shark liver oil and certain fish oils (Menhaden oil) are often used.Used in skin care and hair care cosmetics; orange rough fish oil is extracted from a deep sea fish (Hoplostethus atlantcus) aunt, often used skin care cosmetics, bath oil, etc.; sea turtle oil is often used for skin and anti-wrinkle cream; snake oil oftenUsed as a skin care product and medicated ointment; horse fat is often used as a nutritive oil; spormaceti is used in refrigeration creams, lotions, lipsticks and solid fat ointments; lanolin is used in many cosmetics;The animal-derived spices commonly used in cosmetics are musk oil, civet oil, beaver scented oil, ambergris oil (from smear whale), etc. What kind of substance is gelatin?

  A: Gelatin mainly grows the bones and skin of animals.

Gelatin can be divided into photographic gelatin, edible gelatin and industrial gelatin according to its use. It is mainly used in food, medicine, chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, paper making, matches, furniture, printing and photosensitive materials.

It can be used in foods such as toffee, snacks, canned food, ice cream, soda, salad and pudding; in photosensitive materials, it is used to make photographic film, X-ray film, impression paper, magnifying paper, etc.

It is also used as a binder for sizing, sanding, grinding wheels, musical instruments, pencils, books, etc. of silk, cotton, etc.

In addition, gelatin is widely used in medicines: it can be used as a tablet, a granule for bonding medical materials, capsules and microcapsule materials; glycerin gelatin is prepared; it is used as a surgical auxiliary; a gelatin sponge is also used as a raw material for gelatin substitute plasma,And a base for the preparation of ointments, suppositories and pills, as emulsifiers, thickeners, and suspending agents in suspensions.

  Gelatin also has substitutes, such as alginate, used to make pharmaceutical capsules; chitosan (chitosan), which is extracted from the shell of crustaceans, used to make capsules; polymaltotriose, also used in manufacturingcapsule.

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