Blade Warrior Pistoris can no longer afford the lawyer’s fee and will meet the final trial on the 21st

“Blade Warrior” Pistoris can no longer afford the lawyer’s fee and will meet the final trial on the 21st
The 27-year-old blade fighter Pistoris Valentine’s shooting of his girlfriend passed a week of heated debate between the two sides of the debate. The judge of the Supreme Court of North Gauteng, South Africa, Judge Mahipah announced yesterday that the blade fighter will be finalized on the 21st.judgment.Prosecutor: At least 10 years in prison, official prosecutor Nell told the court that at least 10 years in prison for the Paralympic star can be given to the public to make a satisfactory account.Nell believes that when the case occurred, as long as Pistoris had a little common sense, he would ask questions instead of being so impulsive, and his girlfriend Stenkamp would not die.  At the same time, Nell accused Pistoris of trying to influence the trial of the case by paying the victim’s parents money.Nell also said that it is shameful for a person who can compete with normal athletes to use his own identity as a disabled person at this time.  The defense team said the prison floor was slippery and there were no handrails in the bathroom. Pistoris could not adapt to this kind of life, but the prosecutor noticed that the Blade Warrior’s own bathroom did not have rails.The defense he can’t afford the lawyer’s fee. The defense lawyer, Locks, mainly seeks sympathy through gambling and tries his best to reduce the sentence for the Blade Warrior.They have two main points.  First of all, as a celebrity, the Blade Warrior was labelled, and after experiencing the crazy hype of the media, he was defined as a cold-blooded killer. This public image interfered adversely with the fair judgment made by the court.  In fact, the Blade Warrior has lost everything.After the tragic baptism of this period, he lost his real estate, he also lost his vehicle, and lost his commercial sponsorship. This is a bankrupt who has been out of the game.Lockes said: He can’t even pay the lawyer’s fees. He has lost everything. This man was an idol in the world, but now he has nothing.

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