Who is your family picking up baby to kindergarten

Who is your family picking up baby to kindergarten


Teacher Shen from a kindergarten in Changsha found that the parents who picked up their children from school were the grandmother, grandfather, grandmother, and mother, father, and nanny.

She admits that there will be some subtle differences in communication with different parents: mothers generally like to communicate with their teachers about their children’s personality and other issues, grandparents pay more attention to their lives and health, and dads and nannies often take their children away.

  The subtle differences in kindergarten conversations The reporter stood by the kindergarten door for a while and captured the following groups of conversations: (1) Dad vs Teacher Dad: Is the child still obedient today?

  Teacher Shen: Well, the child is very good.

  Dad: Oh, say goodbye to the teacher!

  (2) Mom vs Teacher Mom: Hey, what’s going on with this red mark?

  Teacher Shen: When I was playing a game today, I accidentally bumped into another child.

  Mom: Teacher, is my child too cowardly?

  Teacher Shen: The child was not intentional, we will pay attention to it later.

  Mom: I’ll leave it to you then.

  (3) Grandma VS Teacher Grandma: Oh, are you hurt again?

  Teacher Shen: It doesn’t matter. I accidentally bumped while playing the game, and it will be fine in a while.

  Grandma: Well, let’s go.

  (4) Nanny VS Teacher Shen: The child is doing very well today.

  Nanny: Oh, thank you teacher.

  Grandpa and grandma come on the bench to join the game. Parents are increasingly playing a role in preschool education, especially the communication between parents and the school, which plays an important role in child education.

  Many kindergartens have special parent courses that invite parents to take classes with their children.

  However, as the pace of life is getting faster and faster, many young parents are busy at work, and the task of taking care of their children is left to grandparents.

Experts regard this phenomenon as “intergenerational support” or “intergenerational education”.

Hunan Teacher University’s former education department once conducted a survey: In Changsha, 40?
Fifty percent of kindergarten children are raised between generations, and individual kindergartens have reached 80%. This situation has shown an upward trend in the past two years.

  Professor Cao Zhongping, Department of Preschool Education, Hunan Normal University, said that there are many reasons for the phenomenon of intergenerational maintenance, which may be productive, economic, or conceptual.

He believes that young parents are now under increasing pressure from life and have no extra time to pick up and coach their children.

Even if they are willing to spend more time with their children, they still need to work hard to bear the high living expenses.

The bad ideas of some families in the society also affect young people. Many young couples give birth to children under the urging of their elders, but psychologically resist raising children.

  However, some parents also expressed that they would take care of their children’s learning through other means. Mr. Peng of Sifangping said, “Although I don’t often pick up and send my children to school, I often contact the teacher through QQ, telephone, etc.

“The orphan of the mind” has a lot of questions. “If parents don’t pay attention to their children’s education, children can easily become” orphans of the mind. ”

Professor Cao said that some studies have shown that “intergenerational support” may not only cause emotional separation between children and parents, but may also cause some social problems.

Especially when children reach puberty, they tend to produce rebellious thoughts and behaviors, which further intensify conflicts with their parents. Some children even have extreme thoughts of “you didn’t take care of me when I was a kid, how can I support you?”Children who are growing up may have expectations or methods for educational changes.

  So, how to change this helpless situation?

Professor Cao is also helpless. He wants to use this newspaper to say: young parents should communicate more with grandparents and agree on educational concepts and methods, and grandparents should also pay attention to mastering scientific education methods; at the same time young parents shouldTake on more responsibilities and obligations, and communicate more with the children; reduce the number, and ask the society to care more about the living situation of young parents, so that mainstream measurement in society can return to the family.

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