Think Three Questions Before Divorce

Think three questions before divorce

With the simplification of the divorce marriage process, the concept of “a marriage without feelings should end it” has become more and more popular.

However, after discussing this issue in the latest issue of Taiwan’s “Health” magazine, it was found that many divorces were caused by impulse, and both of them regretted afterwards.

Experts point out that there are 3 questions to be figured out before divorce, otherwise don’t be impulsive: Question 1: Can’t the differences be eliminated anymore?

  Personality differences are magnets that attract each other before marriage, but it is difficult to cross the bridging gap after marriage. Many couples are as small as how toothpaste is squeezed, as big as how money is used, and how parents support them.

  Once there was a couple who should not take their mother to live with them to divorce. Finally, they decided to buy another house near the home for the mother to live in, not only to take care of the neighborhood, but also maintain the image of a wife’s well-being daughter-in-law.

  Fan Xuechun, a professor at the Department of Psychological Counseling at Taiwan Normal University, points out that similar problems are encountered by every couple, and divorce is used to eliminate differences in ideas, only to show that you have not yet thought of a solution.

  Question 2: Is marriage no longer giving me what I want?

  Xiaoling, who is in an important position, wants to divorce because she can’t stand the mediocre incompetent husband in her career. She thinks such a marriage cannot give her the happiness she wants.

  With the help of a marriage counselor, she realized that although her husband does not work as well as he does, he loves children and “a good father is what I want”.

Moreover, after the divorce, the property will be separated, and the loss of money is not what she wants.

  In addition, she has a strong nature, and another husband may not exceed her in career.

After all, Xiao Ling dismissed her divorce and began to live her life.

  Question 3: Will you really be fine after divorce?

  People eager to divorce often lack expectations about their lives after divorce.

Lin Xiuhui, the executive chairman of Taiwan Aijia Foundation, suggested that you might imagine: What kind of desolation would the originally lively room suddenly face when you came home from work?

In order to play to see the children, can there still be warm at that festival?

More practically, no one will pay the mortgage with them, will the quality of life decline?

  Lin Xiuhui said that divorce is not only about leaving “that pesky person”, but also about changes in all aspects of law, finances, psychology and social relationships.

Therefore, you may wish to talk to someone after starting the divorce idea.

Even if you still want to leave in the end, the damage is expected to be minimized.

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