Bangbangtang group took a group photo, Prince Qiu Shengyi: We are all old

Bangbangtang group took a group photo, “Prince” Qiu Shengyi: We are all old
Sauna Night Network News On January 5, members of the Bangbangtang group Ao Inu, Xiaojie, Prince, Xiaoyu, William and Awei joined together at the wedding of the producer of “Kangxi is Coming” Chen Yanming (B2 brother).”Prince” Qiu Shengyi wrote with emotion: “We are all old.”Lollipop” (LOLLIPOP) is a Taiwanese idol boy group founded on December 2, 2006. All members were selected in the variety show “Model Lollipop”.Members of the group include Zhuang Haoquan (Ao Quan), Qiu Shengyi (Prince), Yang Qiyu (Xiaoyu), Liao Junjie (Xiaojie), Liao Yiwei (William) and Liu Junwei (Awei).In 2007, Lollipop released the album “Colorful Lollipop” and starred in the TV series “Brown Sugar Macchiato”.In 2010, Bangbangtang was disbanded, Xiaojie and Prince soloed and formed the combination “JPM”, and the other four people changed the combination to “LOLLIPOP F” to continue the activity.On December 2, 2019, “Prince” Qiu Shengyi also released photos of six people, with emotion: “Thirteen years ago, I still have a fresh memory today. Thank you for your youth, everyone is okay.”Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofreads Wei Zhuo

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