Slimming Soup White Kidney Bean Pig Hand Soup

Slimming Soup White Kidney Bean Pig Hand Soup

Many girls are afraid of eating fat, but the exception is for pig hands (including pig feet, of course). Pig hands have thick skin, tendons, and gum, which are especially good for the skin.What about food that is both satisfying and beautiful?

Today, using white kidney beans and pig hands to make soup, kidney beans are soft and fragrant, and pig hands are fat but not greasy.

  3-4 servings of seasoning: cooking wine: 1 tablespoon salt: moderate amount of practice: 1.

Pig hands shave fine hair, wash and cut into pieces; hot pot, put pig hands in the pot to dry and burn away the small fine hair; take out the pig hands, decante and lift;

Wash white kidney beans; 3.

Boil water, add white kidney beans, pork hands, cooking wine and ginger slices, cook for 20 minutes on high heat, turn to low heat for one and a half hours, season with salt and serve.

  Efficacy: warming and lowering qi, benefiting the intestines and stomach, nourishing the kidney and nourishing the skin, nourishing the skin.

  ● Gourmet Science Academy Kidney beans Kidney beans are divided into white kidney beans, flower kidney beans, yellow kidney beans, red kidney beans and other varieties, the first two are particularly common.

Like other beans, kidney beans are very nutritious, with a higher protein content than chicken, a calcium content more than 7 times that of chicken, 4 times iron, and B vitamins that are higher than chicken.

Ha ha, this comparison, kidney beans can really be called “chicken see me.”

  Kidney beans are also a rare high-potassium, high-magnesium, and low-sodium food, which is especially suitable for patients with hypertension, arteriosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, hypokalemia, and avoid salt.

Regular consumption of kidney beans can accelerate skin metabolism and relieve dryness of the skin and hair; saponins in kidney beans can promote trace metabolism and are one of the ideal foods for weight loss people.

  Cooked kidney beans have a soft texture, so they are especially suitable for stewing, braising and other cooking methods, such as kidney bean stewed pork ribs, kidney bean stewed beef, kidney beans in tomato sauce, etc. They can also be made into kidney bean rice, or made into bean paste, bean paste, etc.

For soup, there are kidney bean pork hand soup, kidney bean rib soup, kidney bean pumpkin soup.

The easiest and most nourishing is the white kidney bean sweet soup. Boil the white kidney beans with water and add rock sugar, which is convenient and easy to make.

  Kidney beans can also be used as cold salad. Cook the beans first and let them cool, then mix with carrots, celery leaves and other seasonings.

It is obvious that kidney beans contain a toxic protein that must be destroyed at high temperatures, so it must be cooked thoroughly before consumption.

  ● Beautiful soup heart water 1.

I bought organic white kidney beans this time, which is smaller than the average one, but the store said it was nutritious, let it be.


If you are sensitive to the smell of pig feet, you can add ginger slices to the pan under the feet, and stir-fry the cooking wine slightly.

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