What about elderly urinary incontinence?

Eat these 4 food supplements to relieve urinary incontinence

What about elderly urinary incontinence?
Eat these 4 food supplements to relieve urinary incontinence

As the elderly age, there will be cases of incontinence and incontinence. It is a relatively common situation. This is also a worry for the elderly. To deal with the incontinence of the elderly, we have to understand the causes of urinary incontinence.I will introduce you to urinary incontinence, let’s take a look!

The cause of urinary incontinence in middle-aged and elderly people The situation of secondary enuresis caused by middle-aged and elderly people is complicated. What are the reasons for male urinary incontinence?

1, temporary urinary incontinence.

Urinary tract infection; acute mental disorder.

Drugs: sleeping pills and sedatives.

Psychological: depression.

2, long-term urinary incontinence.

Cerebral cortical disorders (stroke, dementia, etc.) damage the urethral sphincter or pelvic nerve surgery; spinal cord disease.

Overflow urinary incontinence: diabetes, prostate disease, alcoholism, etc.; bladder disease.

3, female compatriots physiological reasons for urinary incontinence.

Because of the special nature of menopause and the elderly women who have been implanted with multiple uterus ptosis and women who have had urinary surgery, it is possible to have urinary incontinence as usual.

The elderly urinary incontinence diet method 1, with Chinese medicine white peony fried into soup, three times a day, insist that it can cure the disease.

Steaming the pig’s bladder, cleaned, and the right amount of rice can be eaten once, the white line is tied, steamed.

Do not add salt and any other spices, eat, relieve urinary incontinence.

2, onion ginger sulfur paste.

External use one inch long 6 with shallard white root, 15 grams of sulfur, fresh ginger 2 tablets.

A total of mashed into a paste, put on a navel eye with a bandage before going to bed, take off the next morning.

Treatment of urinary incontinence in children is effective.

Lighter one time, the severe case 3?
4 times can be cured.

3, three flavors of tea.

15 grams of longan meat, 12 grams of fried jujube kernels, 10 grams of medlar.

Add appropriate amount of water decoction and substitute tea.

There is nourishing blood and soothe the nerves, Yishen Guben Jingjing urinary effect, can cure the elderly heart yin deficiency, heart and kidney do not pay and cause insomnia, urinary incontinence.

4, egg yolk jujube soup.

Take 2 fresh eggs, 20 grams of wolfberry, and 4 jujubes.

Add in a casserole and add water to cook.

After the egg is cooked, remove the shell, put the egg back and cook for a while, and eat the egg and drink the soup.

Once every other day, even taking 3 times will be effective.

Note: This applies to urinary incontinence in elderly kidney deficiency.

The above is the dietary supplement for urinary incontinence in the elderly. Patients can refer to it, but because each person’s physique is different, it is best for the patient to consult a professional doctor about the disease in the diet and ask the doctor to work out the appropriateThe method of effective body treatment for your own constitution.

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