Bronchial hypertension diet test

Bronchial hypertension diet test

[Experiment 1]Ginger mixed, two-thirds of the amount of taro, peeled (not water) and ground into mud, add the same amount of flour as ginger, thick paste, stir well, just before bedtime, ginger powderPut it on a long cloth, or make it into a bag, and stick it to the dark color to sleep. Take it off the next morning for seven consecutive days, and you can cut the roots.

  [Experiment 2]Cut ginger one or two thinly, smash the stalk juice, three dollars with white mustard, add shochu to grind and paste, wrap the cotton ball with gauze and dip the medicine paste, and wipe the three acupoints of Feishu, vertebra and sacrum.

Each hole is wiped very moderately, with local thermal burning as the degree.

Or use two layers of gauze, cut to the size of a chess piece, and dip the medicine into these three acupoints for about an hour. Remove the pain.

  [Experiment 3]For acute bronchial tubes, take a bowl of tofu, two or two cups of sugar, half a glass of raw radish juice, mix and boil, and take twice a day. This method is effective for treating salty asthma and phlegm fire.

  [Experimental recipe 4]Stir-fry (deshelled) three to four dollars of white nuts, cook with water, add sugar or honey, and eat with soup.

  [Experimental Fifth]Hu Zizi leaves four money, Su Zi three money, ginkgo seven capsules, fried with water, served twice a day.

  [Experiment Six]One melon (peach squash), chopped and added equal amount of caramel (ie maltose), add water to a pottery pot, cook until extremely rotten, remove residue, re-cook the juice, concentrate and add ginger juice,(About one pound of melon juice plus two or two of ginger juice), take one spoon (about five dollars) a day, two to three times a day, boil water.

  [Experiment 7]For acute exacerbations of bronchitis, use chicken bitter bile two to four (one for children), take bile to dry, mix with sugar, take twice a day, and take five days as a course of treatment. This method also treats whooping cough.Spleen.

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