Five aerobic exercises that allow you to get fit

Five aerobic exercises that allow you to get fit

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  There is no doubt that more and more people choose aerobic exercise to lose weight, aerobic exercise can not only exercise, but also help us to easily shape.

So what is aerobic exercise?

Swimming, running, and cycling are all aerobic exercises. Of course, some aerobic exercise considerations should be understood by us. Let’s take a look!

  Five kinds of aerobic exercise that make you easy to body shape. 1. Take the weight of the American fitness coach and say that putting a weight-bearing vest on the sprint can help you burn 10% more calories.

The weight vest can hold a weight of up to about 36 kg. These weights are in the form of blocks and can be placed directly in the pocket of the vest.

The fitness instructor said that the effect of weight-bearing vests is better than tying sandbags on the legs or lifting dumbbells on the hands, which is good for the bodybuilder to control the posture of the body.

For safety reasons, the weight of the load should not exceed 20% of the weight.

If you don’t like this weight-bearing method, try holding two long poles in your hand.

Although they weigh only 0.

5 kg, but can you burn 20 more?
25% conversion without any substitution.

  The energy consumed to sprint for 30 minutes: 883 joules.

  The energy consumed by wearing a weight vest for 30 minutes: 971 joules.

  The energy consumed by taking a long pole for 30 minutes: 1059 joules.

  2, swimming and swimming is also a kind of aerobic exercise, and swimming consumes less energy than running. Swimming is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. When swimming, you need to exercise your whole body muscles to improve ourCardiopulmonary function is very effective, but many people are not very likely to swim, so you can use it in the swimming pool to replace it, which is very good for improving heart rate.

However, friends who can swim also pay attention to swimming to lose weight, not swimming competition, do not pursue speed, reach the heart rate requirements, and must also pay attention to adequate oxygen uptake.

  3, running / fast walking indoor running will be limited by the environment, choose the treadmill is also very good, let go of the treadmill to increase the oxygen consumption and 5% heart rate, of course, first of all to ensure the balance is necessaryOpen the handrail and choose a treadmill with a certain slope to improve the weight loss.

Use the interval exercise on the treadmill, that is, you can use a high-speed exercise for a while, and then turn to a slight speed cycle exercise.

  Choose one or more aerobic exercises that you like and conditional, and gradually take aerobic weight loss, you will have unexpected surprises.

  Aerobic exercise is recognized as the best way to lose weight.

Aerobic exercise is not just about a variety of aerobic exercises, but also endurance sports such as running, cycling, swimming, skipping, etc. Aerobic exercise has a very good effect on improving heart and lung function and fat reduction for everyone.Choose your own sports interest to choose the type of aerobic exercise, and pay attention to a few points of aerobic weight loss, design a prescription for aerobic exercise for yourself, because the body only knows best.

  4, relaxation of aerobic exercise to lose weight because each person’s physical quality is not the same, effective weight loss aerobic exercise is also different, so we should exercise a reasonable amount of exercise when aerobic exercise to lose weight, master the time and intensity, if you want to achieveGood weight loss, then you can master the strong and weak rhythm in half-hour aerobic exercise, that is, add a gentle recovery time in the interval of high-intensity exercise.

The same is a half-hour aerobic exercise, which has a strong and weak movement that consumes twice as much displacement as a rhythmic movement.

The American doctor pointed out: “If you continue to do high-intensity exercise, you will soon be exhausted, but the rest of the break, recovery can help you maintain this high level of strength.

5, when riding a bicycle with one leg force When you are exercising on the scooter, intermittently let a leg force the pedal to strengthen the intensity of the exercise.

At the beginning, you can step on the pedals with medium strength for 4 minutes with both legs, then focus on the left leg, high-intensity pedal.

After 30 seconds, change the right leg as the main force leg and step on it for another 30 seconds.

Then, the two legs were stepped together at medium speed for 4 minutes as adjustment and recovery.

In this way, squat for 1 minute on one leg every 4 minutes and exercise for 30 minutes.

New York fitness education manager says such a one-legged brake can help you burn 20% more.

  The cost of exercising on the scooter for 30 minutes: 950 joules.

  The cost of moving through a single leg for 30 minutes after a force interval: 1138 joules.

  Aerobic exercise should pay attention to exercise and health, but if the method is wrong, it is easy to have the opposite effect.

In the aerobic exercise, we should pay attention to the following situations: 1. Patients with high blood pressure, high blood pressure, etc., who are not suitable for jogging diseases, must undergo a doctor’s examination to control the condition and start aerobic exercise under the guidance of a doctor.

  2, step by step: according to your own situation, gradually increase the amount of exercise.

Especially at the beginning, don’t ask yourself to reach the 4th and 5th standards at once, and do not require 30 minutes of exercise per week for the first 16 weeks.

Let the body have a re-adaptation and recovery phase.
  3, do not look into the warm-up exercise, before we do aerobic exercise, we must do a warm-up exercise, the intensity and time of warm-up exercise should be counted, and the purpose of warm-up exercise is to avoid our muscles and joint injuries.
  4, exercise does not overwork: excessive exercise will cause excessive fatigue, at this time should be adjusted, rest.

Otherwise, excessive fatigue will be counterproductive and will increase the burden on the body.

  5, there must be a relaxation stage after exercise: can not stop immediately after exercise, there must be a finishing, relaxation stage.

Stopping immediately after exercise, or entering a greenhouse (or steam bath) is prone to coma, which is experimentally proven.

There have also been tragic lessons in the United States, so keep in mind.

  6, persevere: If aerobic exercise can not continue, it is difficult to achieve the expected results.

Americans even believe that if you can’t stick to exercise, then you might as well not be well trained.

Aerobic exercise requires 4-6 movements per week, at least 4 times a week.

If it is lower than this standard, it will not receive the effect of exercise.

  There are many options for aerobics. If you want to stick to long-term aerobic exercise, then you can choose one or several exercises that are right for your body and that you like.

Don’t be anxious while doing aerobic exercise. The time and intensity of exercise should be increased appropriately. In the end, you must persevere!

  Through the above sharing, I hope to help my friends who want to get dressed.

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