Skin cleft palate prevention prescription

Skin cleft palate prevention prescription

Cleft palate usually occurs in winter and spring, because the weather is cold and windy in winter and spring, the skin is easy to dry, thick, loses elasticity, and even when pulled, there will be cracks, bleeding, and the exposed parts are multiple areas.

  The method of preventing cleft palate can be done by washing your hands and using less alkaline soap. After washing your hands or feet, wipe off the water with a towel and rub some petrolatum, vegetable oil or a honey in the good hair.Apply two portions of water evenly.

If the condition is mild, you can apply a layer of cream or 30% glycerin after soaking in hot water before going to bed.

The cracker can be applied with medical tape and can be cured in a few days. This method is simple and effective, and the only problem is easy to repeat.

  To prevent cleft palate, you can also use Chinese medicine white peony powder, scented sesame oil to rub, 1-2 times a day; you can also use traditional Chinese medicine bitter scorpion meat to warm the affected area; if you have a suppurative infection, wash it with topical hot salt water and apply 10% boric acid.Ointment or 5% white mercury drop ointment can be used.

  Aloe vera can reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and build muscle. Aloe leaves are also effective in removing cleft palate after removing the green skin. The method is to apply the white tape on the wound and stick the tape once a day for 1-2 days.

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