Old people should not rest too much

Old people should not rest too much

Most of the elderly people like to be quiet. They don’t like to sit and read newspapers, but they are quietly funny with pets.

The quiet time is like a blessing in later life.

  Modern health science also advocates that quiet and rejuvenating is a kind of “healthy charging” for the human body. It can also be gradually reduced, blood pressure is reduced, heartbeat is slowed down, muscle relaxation can even reach the extraordinary realm of “forgetting me, entering heaven and man.”

In fact, a mode of health that is quiet and even pursued by too many people seems to be only “quiet” to slow down the process of aging.

Many elderly people with chronic diseases are also convinced that “quiet” is the main means of restoring health.

So, they stayed in bed around the clock, and even lying around with numbness, limbs sore, not happy to get out of bed.

  In fact, too narrow and narrow can only aggravate the loneliness of life in old age, while the old people who are often in “static” are not conducive to their own health and fitness. As for the absolute “quiet” cultivation of chronically ill patients, it delays the momentum of metabolism and reducesThe operation function of the internal organs can be seen as not beneficial to the recovery of the body.

  The real “retention” should first be the quietness of the individual’s mentality, such as indifferent to fame and fortune, optimistic about life, sudden and generous, tolerant and others.

In addition, “resting” does not mean living in an extremely quiet environment all day long.

Because I lost the love of my loved ones and friends, I couldn’t hear the sound of life, and I didn’t have the sound that is unique to nature. Over time, people will become irritable, lonely, and will be surrounded by all the deserts around them., the result can only be health and over the course.

  Although noise is not suitable for the elderly, it is not good for the health and health care of later years.

It is wise to be kind and quiet, to combine movement and static, and to complement each other.

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