Test your career status from the keys

Test your career status from the keys

A key is dropped near the pool. When you are looking for it, use your imagination and guess that it is made of the following materials.

Don’t think, choose one answer directly: a, iron b, wood C, gold d, silver e, copper. Answer: a, iron. You are a very realistic person.

Rarely do useless imagination, think and deal with problems in ordinary people’s way of thinking, and get along well with the people around them, without causing trouble.

But now you may be at the ebb of life.

  b. Your heart seems to be dissatisfied with real life, or you feel very tired.

It feels troublesome to do anything and lacks the urge to try new things. Now you are eager to attach to strong men.

  c. Jin, your current career is very prosperous, and there are unexpected opportunities around you, which can make you realize your dreams and gain.

And new things will bring you good luck one after another.

  d, silver You can react immediately after thinking carefully about the problem.

Those who use wisdom to find reasonable solutions.

You are very cautious when accepting the opinions of the other party, so it is the most appropriate time to face the other party’s proposal or show love to the other party.

In addition, your fortune is very strong, and there is a possibility of getting rich.

  e, copper you are a super confident home.

Outstanding ability can handle things neatly.

But in the face of nasty things, even the gurgling of your boss or elder, the order is deaf, because you think you are the most important.

You seem to be able to do both well.

Now is the best time to let go and try something new.

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