There are principles to talk to husband


There are principles to talk to husband

Many women talk in social situations and have a good manner, but when they are alone with their husbands at home, they are “busy.”

Because they can remain cautious and sensitive when facing outsiders, and show their attention and understanding everywhere in the conversation, but when they get along with their family members, they don’t feel so polite and no longer pay attention to any skills.

In fact, family communication also requires skill, and can only adhere to the following three communication principles at any time, which can keep couples communication barrier-free and the marriage harmonious and happy.

  Understand the principles.

The family background, growth experience and personality of the couple are very different, and they cannot communicate with their spouse in a way that is taken for granted.

Some women bring their habits at work to the home, and always communicate with her husband in a euphemistic tentative tone. In fact, they are avoiding understanding the husband. Therefore, they are often accused of being “false” by their husbands at home. Some women feel very aggrieved.
Exploratory communication may cause many misunderstandings and misunderstandings. You should take the initiative to understand each other, and do not avoid minor contradictions caused by communication.

In addition, you must learn to see your husband’s every move with appreciation, and encourage and magnify his strengths with words of praise, so that you can add “love savings” to the “emotional bank” every day.

  Follow the principles.

Respect refers to the dual speech of being very polite, and refers to knowing the spouse’s own value, including his living habits, way of thinking, social circles, etc.

Some women are used to treating their husbands as part of themselves, and accustoming each other to obeying themselves in various decision-making situations.

Husbands and wives use the second person with caution, such as “You shouldn’t do this”, “Why don’t you make sense”, “Can’t you?”Think “,” I think “, etc.

Clear principles.

  In some major family decision-making, some women are used to asking their husbands to give up decision-making power by suggestive methods.

They often chug when they potentially benefit some of the maiden family.

This will eventually make men feel very painful and helpless. Smart women should learn to “go straight”, and encounter the pros and cons of their husbands and suffer their own pros and cons. Put the problem on the table to talk clearly.

In addition, in many daily small things, do not rank right and wrong with your husband. Arguing for the cause often leads to both losses. The purpose of communication is to gain the understanding and trust of the other party, so right or wrong has no practical meaning.

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