The latest autumn and winter moisturizing skin care products


The latest autumn and winter moisturizing skin care products

The coming of autumn, the dry climate makes many beautiful women’s skin dry or even peeling.

Today I will introduce you to the latest autumn and winter moisturizing skin care products.

  Jurlique limited rose hydrating flower water moisturizing moisturizing keywords: natural plant moisturizing ingredients contain precious French rose essential oil, formulated with hollyhock, aloe and other unique living formula, can deeply penetrate the skin and awaken the vitality of the muscles.

It is also a bottle of excellent propellant. When combined with other skin care products, it can quickly and effectively introduce nourishing ingredients, so it is known as 1 + 1> 2 high-performance water.

Limited double packaging, can double the luxurious skin, enjoy the legendary energy of rose rain!

  Biotherm Living Spring Moisturizing Moisturizing Moisturizing Keyword: After patented mannose moisturizing nectar, it can penetrate into the skin in 5 layers.

  Biotherm biologists decipher the secret of water storage in the desert Manna tree in the Middle East-the mannose content in the sap!

After 7 years of research, Mannose moisturizing nectar has been created as a patented ingredient, and it is the first in the developing world to be added to AQUASOURCE!

  Traditional moisturizing only works on the 2 layers of the epidermis, so there are limitations in moisturizing. The newly upgraded AQUASOURCE, with the addition of the patented Mannose moisturizing nectar, can penetrate into the skin in 5 layers, starting from the bottom of the muscles and allowing the skin to penetrate from 5 layers.The depths of the floor began to overflow!

It breaks through the limitation of traditional moisturizing, so it can achieve skin’s hydration effect for 48 hours!

It is more synergistic with Cellular Water, which is 86% consistent with the skin’s natural moisture. It is more skin-friendly, and of course the skin can drink more!

  It melts moisture at a swipe, penetrates in seconds, and is not sticky; removes Paraben preservatives, which are susceptible to allergies, and easily causes a series of mineral oils that cause pores.

The first time you use, you can feel the skin moisturized and softer; continuous use can better nourish the bottom of the muscles, let the water from the bottom of the muscles to the surface, the skin regains fullness, radiance, freshness, never felt so good!

  Contains rich moisturizing ingredients, hydrating-storing water-locking water. · Mineral trace elements: promote skin cell metabolism. · Copper ions: adjust the size of the pearls after cleansing the oil in the morning and evening. Apply on the face at five points to delay the spread of skin texture until吸收  Clairns恒润保湿精华液保湿补水关键词:卡塔芙树皮精华,促进天然保湿因子合成.

  Fusion of rainforest plant extracts Katafray and moisturizing high-tech, with four layers of outstanding effects, to achieve “outer water absorption, surface water lock, inner layer of living water, deep water storage”, the muscle bottom reservoir is full and lasts for four seasons。Gently shake before use to fully double the water and oil, and immediately release the effective improvement and fat-soluble essential energy immediately, it is easier for the skin to quickly and deeply absorb, bringing a pleasant hydration surprise!

  Core ingredients and effects 1, four layers of supplemental moisture, make the skin plump and hydrated * quickly repair the sebum film, prevent excessive water loss * Katafu bark essence: promote the transformation of epidermal keratinocytes into new cell cards in the stratum corneumTaffy Bark Extract: Promotes the synthesis of natural moisturizing factors in the epidermis layer * Small molecule hyaluronic acid (wheat protein extract): Consolidates the ability of the dermis layer to store water, maintains elasticity and firmness2, repairs the hydrolipidic film, and prevents skinMoisture loss Inca plus fruit oil: rebuild skin sebum film, prevent water loss, restore water and lipid film balance, promote cell-to-cell exchange combined with Irish red algae: restore skin water retention function, maintain water supply and water retention function of keratinocyte nuclei 3, promoteCollagen synthesis, anti-wrinkle and firm skin. Alfalfa: promotes the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen, tightens curly skin4, promotes the microcirculation of blood vessels, makes the skin radiant, and enhances the ability of capillaries to adapt to climate change.Glorious use daily morning and evening, shake well before each use.

Squeeze 3 drops, apply lightly on the face and replenish before using Hengrun moisturizing cream OLAY water moisturizing long-lasting moisturizing crystal dew moisturizing hydration Keywords: poly-energy factor formula OLAY long-lasting moisturizing crystal dew light blue transparent gel, Lightweight texture, contains the formula of water energy factor.

  Helps the skin to fully hydrate and lock water.

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