Sightseeing Meditation: Eyes Also Yoga


Sightseeing Meditation: Eyes Also Yoga

STEP1: Relax your eyes-gently close your eyes, your eyes will turn naturally, and you can also do some simple massages like eye exercises.

  STEP2: Open your eyes slowly, do not look directly at the candlelight, first look at the front side of the leg, slowly move your gaze up, and finally move to the candlelight to stare, relax your eyes, do n’t stare and do n’t blink, when you feel the tears are going to shedGradually restore your eyes, close your eyes, arch your palms, and buckle your palms into your bowls. Don’t touch your eyes, stay for 5 to 7 breaths, and relax.

  STEP3: Open the eyes again and stare directly at the candlelight, feel the eyes sore, close the eyes when the tears are going to shed or have shed, rub your palms together and buckle on the eyes, be careful not to touch the eyes, at this time the eyes are very sensitive and make tearsJust natural flow.

  Sightseeing meditation Note 1 For people with a slight deviation in normal vision and vision, the distance between the candle and the person is about one and a half meters; if the vision is particularly low, keep a distance of more than two meters from the candle.

  2 If you suffer from depression, you should not wear it if you wear contact lenses. You can do it if you wear glasses, but take off your glasses when you hold buttonholes.

  3People who have performed eye surgery such as healing myopia should consult a doctor first. Generally, they can do sightseeing meditation gradually for three months.

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