Titian Coast realizes your dream of a sea view!

Titian Coast realizes your dream of a sea view!

I have a dream of simple dream facing the sea, spring warm flowers after a hard day, standing on the balcony and enjoying the romantic wind of the sea breeze, go to the beach and put a kite in the summer to see the rough sea water fall to see the sunset at sea levelIn the winter, look at the vastness of the sea and feel the beauty of the four seasons, replace the tired and tired eyes of the society, relax the nervous heart.

If I am in love, I want to watch the sunrise and sunset with my lover. If we have children, we can bring the children together at the seaside.Take a walk but first I have to have a sea view room to buy a sea view room, friends recommend me to Sanya, go to Qingdao, go to Zhuhai, go to Xiamen, go.


But I like the city of Rizhao, and the city likes it. The most important thing is that the sea view room is relatively low. The sea view room price is very low. The average price of sea view rooms in other popular seascapes in China is at least 20,000 yuan/m2.Why do you have to run a popular sea view city?

Today, Xiaobian will recommend to everyone a sunshine, a sea view existing property, a sea view on the doorstep!

Titian Coast Titian Coast for the sea 79-106m2 location sea small high-rise 91-125m2 pure multi-storey bungalow Rizhao central vitality area first-line sea view existing room mountain sea sky most dazzling pearl Mediterranean style community on the platform of the Mediterranean MediterraneanSeven-star hotel complex, geothermal hot springs, large-scale high-rise sea, large-scale sea view, balcony, good house, elected Titian Coast, Ruifeng Titian Coast, because of the strength, so the good housing Ruifeng home property strength, Mediterranean style classic community Titian coastRuifeng Real Estate’s strength is precipitated, and the work is tribute to the expectation of a city. It is located in the mountain sea resort, and it is surrounded by the blue sea. The villa-level respect enjoys the Mediterranean style community, the ingenuity is good, the life is beautiful, the comfort is good, the home is preferred.
Because of the location, so the good house on the sunny slope, Shanhai Tianyi first-line sea view existing house Titian coast, this eastward distance from the sea only 300 meters of income, there are north high south low, west high east low terrain.

Everyone can easily take in the endless sea, 64 kilometers of golden sand.

Using the classic native Mediterranean architecture, a new chapter in the life style of the Mediterranean slopes in Rizhao Binhai is opened.

Because of the convenience, the good airport, high-speed rail, high-speed, port-assisted Rizhao rises the mountain river airport fully activated, Qingri even high-speed rail was opened to traffic in December 2018, Qingdao and Rizhao will also achieve “1 hour economic circle.”

Lunan High-speed Railway East was completed and opened to traffic at the end of 2019, and it takes only 2 hours for sunshine to reach Zhengzhou.

The next day, the high-speed highway will be opened to traffic, and Weifang and Rizhao can be realized.

5-hour economic circle.”

Because of the vitality, the Rizhao Central Vitality Zone, the new height, the new starting point, the Central Vitality Zone, starts from Zhangjiatai Fishing Port in Shanhaitian, south to Hailong Bay, and west to Yantai Road.

Here, we will focus on the construction of Wanpingkou Ocean Park, Wanda Complex, Rizhao Dongyi Town, Rizhao Ocean Park, Rizhao Science and Technology Cultural Center, Jinfanshan Haihui High-end Star Hotel Group and other key projects to gather special tourism and livable health.Eight functions, such as cultural and sports exchanges and exhibitions, will become an important display area for the image of modern coastal cities after the completion of the exhibition.

Titian Coast is here, and what you are looking for is coming!

Because of the matching, the seven-star hotel group of Haofang Jinfanshan Haihui officially launched the Jinfanshan Haihui Project, which is only one way away from the Titian Coast.

It is a large-scale boutique project recruited by the Federal Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government’s “tourism rich city” strategy.

In July, the Jinfanshan Haihui Project has passed the preliminary review meeting of the Municipal Planning Bureau.

The project plans to invest a total of 5 billion US dollars to build a seven-star hotel, a five-star hot spring resort hotel, a large conference and exhibition center and other facilities to build a new Rizhao landmark building and city business card.

Because of the quality, so good housing gold strict selection of materials, details, a good house with elevator, Titian Coast, the original and artistic of the Mediterranean architecture is reflected.

Strict selection of materials, attention to taste, texture and comfort and functionality of life, the facade is made of high-quality light yellow paint, fashion technology considerations, supplemented by quaint cultural stone, warm brown stone exterior wall, blush tile roof, exquisite and elegant wrought iron accessories.

.Create a Mediterranean-style community of coastal tourism, leisure and vacation.

Titian Coast[Project Address]: Rizhao City Shanhaitian Tourist Resort[Greening Rate]: 40%[Community Garden]: Mediterranean Style Community[Ownership Year]: 70 years[Area Range]: 85-125m2[Building Structure]: Original Mediterranean style[average price]: multi-layer 14000, small high-rise 12500 customs coast 64 km coastline 300 meters from the sea, super first-line sea view rooms are not scarce, even Rizhao municipal government to focus on the creation of Shanhaitian tourist resort sunshineThe hot spring town of the important plate of the Central Vitality Zone is at the door of the house. 5 minutes walk to the third bathing beach. The high-speed railway will be opened to traffic. The potential for appreciation is huge. The hotline of scarcity of resources is seized: 0633-8222888 8626699 Project address: Shanhaitian TourismThe introduction of the Coastal Zone of Beihai Road and Shanhai Road in the resort promotes the introduction of Titian Coast. The contents of this promotional material and the introduction of the surrounding environment, transportation, schools and other supporting facilities are intended to provide relevant information and do not mean the company.Commitment to this, must be referenced, do not contain binding force, and ultimately the commercial housing contract and governmentThe company’s documents shall prevail; the company reserves the right to interpret the revised and revised contents of this promotional materials without prior notice, so please pay attention to the latest information.

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