Three types of people are susceptible to network dependence

Three types of people are susceptible to network dependence

The Internet already has a major part of people’s lives, or even all of it.

Suddenly the internet goes down, are you upset?

If you do n’t go online for a day or two, do you feel like something is missing?

Do you feel empty?

  The survey shows that 71% of people think they have dependence on the Internet; 52% of Internet practitioners
If you do not use a computer or the internet for 2 days, you will feel uncomfortable.

So why are some people so dependent on the Internet?

  What is network dependence?

What is its performance?

  Many people don’t know much about network dependence. We need to distinguish network dependence from normal office workers.

Office workers, especially IT staff, work with computers every day, and sometimes may need to work overtime, so that they spend too much time using computers.

However, after work, they are not overly dependent on the Internet. If they do not go online for a few days, they will not feel psychologically unsteady. People in this state are not people with Internet dependence.

  Internet dependence is similar to drug dependence, both of which need to be met in the long term.

However, in addition to the characteristics of time, network dependence also has different levels of emotional disorders, which affect daily work and life.

The characteristics of network dependence are generally two characteristics: contradiction and social dysfunction.

  For people with network dependence, what is their sense of instability?

  Too much psychological demand for the network will, to some extent, cause network dependence.

Because they are not recognized, respected, and loved in real life.

So go to the Internet to find these, and the psychological needs, once you leave the network, it feels very boring.

  In addition to people being inseparable from network dependence, it also has some harm to the body?

  Excessive soaking on the Internet will cause vision loss, endocrine disorders and decreased immunity, so it is easy to catch a cold, and the respiratory system is the first.

Especially in Internet cafes, the air is dirty, prone to coughing, and nervous, which leads to elevated blood pressure, which is also a cause of younger hypertension.

  Are some people at high risk for Internet dependence?

  Mental emptiness, emotional frustration, and idleness are most at risk for Internet dependence.

  Many people realize that once you become dependent on something, it is difficult to quit.

Is there any good way to fight network dependence?

  Netizens should look at network dependence in two ways. In fact, network dependence is not a problem. To a certain extent, thanks to the Internet, it allows society to progress and restores the spread of information.

Many children are over-stressed, and their parents’ education methods are rude and do not feel their love.

Therefore, they will go online and release pressure through chat, games and other methods.

From another perspective, if there is no network, these children may go to drug abuse, fight, and do illegal things. It is the network that psychologically reverses their buffer effect.

If you get something that is common in real life on the Internet, you won’t go to drug abuse or do illegal things.

  People of different ages have different causes of network dependence.

Some people are overstressed, some are mentally vacant, some are emotionally frustrated, and some are due to a marriage crisis. For different reasons, the solution is naturally different.

Which aspect is the most important cause of network dependence, and in this real life, the key is to treat the root cause, which varies from person to person.

  Many parents are too frightened when they talk about internet dependence and don’t have to worry too much.

If the child is found to have internet dependence, it will be stopped immediately, corporal punishment will cause problems with the child’s communication, and the child’s relationship with the parents will be further and further apart.

In fact, once the child is found to have Internet dependence, this is an early signal. Parents should seize this signal and reflect on whether they have any problems with their children.

In reality, communicate with your children and give them more care.
Parents are properly nurtured, parents have a good marriage relationship, and less pressure on their children.
By properly handling the relationship between parents and children, and the relationship between children and society, children will naturally alienate the Internet.

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